Questions for Dr. Krassioukov

Can you profile patients to see who will respond to this and who will not?

There is no profile like that. We know that even in injuries classified as ASIA A — motor and sensory complete — there are surviving fibers. They’re just asleep.

I understand the goal is to implant 100 people … so you’ll be able to create a sort of phenotype, so that it will be possible to know who will and who won’t respond.


Are you also doing transcutaneous stimulation?

Yes, with help from Reggie Edgerton, and it’s been phenomenal to see patients recovering the same kinds of autonomic function without the surgery.

So, about the implanted arrays, you mentioned 16 different parameters … are you finding that you use different parameters for autonomic functions?

Right now there are 43 million possible configurations … what we’re doing is trying to optimize them.

How exactly do you collect the data?

The patients go home with data collecting devices, including things like 24/7 blood pressure monitors. They also check in wirelessly to give us updates about things like bladder function and bowel routines.

How do people get involved in this research?

Contact us through our website or through

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