Some Good People

So, Bruce and I left Seattle at 1:30 this afternoon, and a couple of hours later we were parking the car in Vancouver. We schlepped our stuff up to the hotel room, looked at each other and said, “Damn. Why do we ever fly anywhere? That was easy.” Of course the day did involve sharing the road with a few interesting other drivers … consider, for example, the moment we realized we were going to have to follow a Port-a-Pottie truck into a narrow tunnel with bumper to bumper traffic. Bad things could have happened!


But they didn’t. And so this evening we had some time to hang out with this gang of ruffians — good people, all. They’re the folks who have stepped up to make this conference happen, in the hope that somehow making connections and sharing information will lead to faster and better and more efficient science. They’re from Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Toronto. They have spinal cord injuries, or their loved ones have spinal cord injuries, or they’re providers of care and equipment for people with spinal cord injuries. They’re good people, showing up for the fight. Meet Jim, Mike, Matt, Ryan, Caron, Barry, Shelly, and Marilyn.

It’s late now, and time to rest up. Tomorrow will be extra, as the kids all say.

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