Q & A for Brian Kwon

For 40 years, we’ve been looking at interventions, most of which have failed. Do you have biomarkers for chronic injuries?

That’s a hard question … (he says a lot of words that add up to) “We’re not doing very much in that area right now.”

(missed the question sorry)

What we want to do in the future is get to where we have biological data that allows us to ignore the AIS categories that now govern who is allowed or not allowed to join a clinical trial.

Is there a well-defined time period during which you think a patient reaches a steady state AIS score?

The further you go out, the more stable the score is.  Problem is that aside from epistim, there aren’t a lot of interventions that seem to do any good. Prediction of recovery/no recovery becomes a lot more accurate after a few weeks.

Do you think these biomarkers have a use in monitoring treatment, or are they just good for classifying injuries?

The thing is that the level of these molecules in the system goes down very quickly. The measurement changes as time passes, meaning we have to collect the samples from the spinal fluid very soon post injury.

Are you working with other institutions?

Part of a meeting I was in just yesterday was working through the issues of access to our samples. We’re only getting started creating a transparent and efficient process for people who want to study these specimens.

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