Q & A for Lyn

How do we build in time and money for researchers to do the next thing? We all know that their incentive is to just do more research. It’s what pays the bills.

Change is very hard, and the research ecosystem is very big … but it’s coming.

For researchers, the incentive is to do something new and cool, not to make the incremental gains … but incremental gains are how we get from promising science to translation. 

The truth is that for whatever idea a researcher comes up with, there is funding … the task is to find it; we suffer from a lack of collaboration.

How are pharmaceutical company scientists thinking differently about this question?

They want to hold the intellectual property and know that they can scale up. Eventually, their job is to make money by making effective products.

What’s your advice to us about how to increase funding from congress?

The paralysis community has tried in the past, and right now we’re getting huge amounts of money to find non-opioid targets for pain. Some of that $$$ is going to go to SCI patients, because pain is part of what we face. Also the BRAIN initiative that Barack Obama put in place is going to be a big source of grant money for SCI research.

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