Saturday Morning

Matt: Good morning! Most of you came back! (He’s right. The room is just as full today as yesterday, which might be due the wise choice to have us start at 9 instead of 8 … the bar scene went on for a while last night.)

Matt: I want to revisit something … it’s so important for all of us. I asked David how it went yesterday, and he said he was actually a little discouraged that the community and the science folk don’t already know each other better — that’s there’s still more than he’d thought left to learn from one another.

And I told him that’s a good portion of what this conference is, and one of the things that’s encouraging is that there are so many people here with injuries, maybe more by proportion than usual.

I just wanted to reiterate that that’s really important, and something I’m really passionate about.

At u2fp we do a bunch of different things, including get money (inside the USA) locally, and put people with injuries at the table where decisions get made. We also have a scientific advisory board that helps us figure out how to spend money on science. There’s the podcast (sci curecast). We have Kelsey, who’s been working on a film called The CureMap. Last year she and Maddy went around the USA and gathered film to make a documentary .. we hope when it’s done it will be seen by a lot of people.

Okay, gonna stop rambling and introduce you to Tracey Wheeler, who now works for the Neilsen Foundation … she’s there because she sees that in the SCI world there are things happening.

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